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Technology & product

In our Technology Team, we deal with the production of e-commerce products, i.e., MODIVO and eobuwie.pl webs, and mobile apps. Additionally, we collect analytical data. We also care about the cybersecurity of our Employees and systems. What is more, we develop the logistic, financial, and sales systems we utilize – our work touches upon everything that is needed for everyday work at Modivo Group.



Chief Technology Officer

What distinguishes us?

We have the latest technologies

We operate on enormous scale

We want to develop with you

We have impact on our products

We are flexible

We care about code quality

We cooperate in a good atmosphere


Technology in numbers

8 million

The number of our users is growing continuously!​


Number of markets in Europe​


Number of micro-services​

4 000

Number of requests per second​


Agile domain teams

50 thousand / day l

New e-commerce orders

Selected interesting projects

Meet our teams

Software Development

Our software Development sector consists of, at present, 120 people. We work in Scrum in over a dozen autonomic domain teams, in which we oversee: delivery experience, eSize.me platform, self-service ads, search engine, and a lot of other product areas.

Each team has full competencies to create functionality from the beginning to the end. A particular team usually consists of back-end and front-end developers and testers under the care of the Team Leader. The domain teams are supported by Product Owners, UXs, and analysts. We aim at working solely on microservices and we are closer and closer to this objective!


Michał Sebastian Piotr

Technology Directors


Who we are

Who we are

What makes us exceptional and how do we combine fashion with innovations every day?​
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Why us

Why us

What are we distinguished by and why do our Employees feel good here?
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Where you’ll find us

Where you’ll find us

We are extending our reach all the time. Check the location of our offices, warehouses, and brick-and-mortar shops.​
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MODIVO in numbers

20 markets

20 markets

38 online shops. 35 brick-and-mortar shops in Poland and the Czech Republic.​

7 offices in Poland​

7 offices in Poland​

Zielona Góra, Warsaw, Wrocław, Cracow, Poznań​

8 milion customers

8 milion customers

The number of our users is growing continuously!​

~2,800 employees​

~ 2 ,800 employees​

There are almost 3,000 persons in our entire organisation​