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DEX – timely deliveries in 20 world’s markets

Olga Fiedorowicz Product Owner

In the DEX (Delivery Experience) area, we care about providing the best customer experience from the moment of preparation of the parcel, to pick-up in a place that is convenient for the customer.

If we take into account the fact that we function with our brands, MODIVO and, simultaneously in 20 markets, the area of delivery becomes an enormous challenge. Therefore, we add new reputable carriers and pick-up methods on a regular basis. We want every one of our customers to be able to receive their awaited shopping directly at their homes, or at a point or convenient parcel machine or to pick it up at the shop without any problems. We co-operate with tens of carriers and delivery methods in all the markets we serve.

We’re also introducing a track & trace system. This is going to let the customer track the route of the parcel carefully. In the future, it’s going to simplify the return system to great extent. We also care about the comfort of the Customer – we plan our work in such a way as to remember their favourite delivery methods and display the anticipated delivery time. This will allow the customer not to experience any barriers during their online shopping experience and to freely immerse themselves in it.

The microservice which helps us perform these tasks is Dexter – based on php 8.1/ postgresql 1.11/ Symfony 5.4/ rabbitMQ, which communicates through API with an external shipment status tracking system. This system is responsible for the sending of orders, together with their tracking number.

In the future, we’re planning to extend the shipment tracking mechanism by enabling it to provide anticipated delivery time and delivery promise to our Customers.


MODIVO in numbers

20 markets

20 markets

38 online shops. 35 brick-and-mortar shops in Poland and the Czech Republic.​

7 offices in Poland​

7 offices in Poland​

Zielona Góra, Warsaw, Wrocław, Cracow, Poznań​

8 milion customers

8 milion customers

The number of our users is growing continuously!​

~2,800 employees​

~ 2 ,800 employees​

There are almost 3,000 persons in our entire organisation​